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The ROQ Oval 4XL with Allover Printing System automatic screen printing machine is ROQ’s flagship press. When used in conjunction with the Allover Platens with lifting masks, it has the ability to do allover printing on garments, banners, towels, flat stock and more.

It has print area of 43 inches x 58 inches with a 0.001-inch registration accuracy across the print area. There is an unlimited color capacity due to its modular, expandable design, and it accepts platens in a variety of sizes.

The lifting masks on the press ensure tight registration across all garment sizes and styles and are available in custom sizes to fit a client’s needs. Loading garments onto a mask allows a printer to execute an allover print with perfect registration across the entire print area regardless of the number of colors.

Auto-lifting masks allow an operator to quickly load and unload garments. A printer will need to have only one set of bases and then change the size of the masks depending on the garment.

Configurations start at four colors/16 stations, and scale up indefinitely to accommodate any size or solution a printer needs. The ROQ Oval also comes in other configurations based on platen size to meet a variety of high-production needs.

To view on the website, go to https://www.screenprinting.com/roqprint-oval-evolution-10-color-16-pallets-2xl

To contact, call (800) 314-3690; email: [email protected] or visit http://www.screenprinting.com.


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