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Running out of white ink quick

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So, for my company and kornit breeze 921 printer, we order 6 150 ml bottles of white ink along with the other colors. My boss told me when i started this job that white does run out quicker due to it being used more often. However, two bottles are always connected to the printer at once and I am finding them to run out very quickly. For example, when i put fresh ones on, i counted how many prints i would get out of them and it is looking to be close to 12-20 shirts. I know some settings use different amounts of white but i really think the bottles are draining fast. Sometimes i find myself purging a lot and in my defense i feel like i have to because it takes a couple purges and nozzle tests for white to come out well.

All help is appreciated.
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I think we use same amount of white, as we do CMYK colours. - meaning after we used 10 botles of mixed CMYK we also used up 10 bottles of whites. - so the white uses about 4 times as much as CMYK color. - We do about 50%50 mixed whites and dark shirts.
How much is a bottle? 12-20 prints per bottle sounds like it cannot be correct...

Sounds bad, this is way too fast! I personally know that much ink is getting lost,
when you purge a lot. For myself way more than I thought or "felt". =)
Maybe stay a bit more careful with purging, it won't get your printheads dry out if you let them
stand for a few minutes.
If it is not because of purging, maybe contact the kornit support to see, if there were similar
problems in the past. Maybe there is a broken machine part, any issue with the vacuum or something else.

Good luck!!!

the ink has to be going somewhere to use that much. The imprint would be blown out at that level.
I have had similar problems with a Storm HD6. Do you have air in your lines? Air would explain the excessive need to purge and the loss of ink.
Can you state how many deciseconds is your purge? You're not on Power Purge are you? If you are on normal purge at 8 deciseconds, that's a lot of purging to go through a whole bottle that fast.

I'm not dismissing the need for a good nozzle test, but sometimes you will have missing nozzles and still get good prints as if nothing is wrong. In fact, I've had a pretty iffy black nozzle test for some time, and every print with black looks great with no little vertical lines in it.

Clean the heads and fins, throw a junk shirt on there, and just test the actual print. If it's good, pallet up a fresh tee, hit the buttons, and go!
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