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Rule of thumb for transfer size

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Is there any kind of rule-of-thumb as to the size of a transfer on the front of a shirt? I mean, how wide should be an ideal transfer on a large shirt. As the size (of the shirt) changes shouldn't the size of the transfer change too?

With a 8.5x11 transfer, what size shirt would that look good on. Would the plus sizes need a larger transfer?

My Epson C120 can go to 8.5x14 transfers if I buy larger transfers and cut them down. Would this be the way to go with the plus sizes?
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I would say that the transfer size should increase a bit with the increase to certain tshirt sizes. I pressed a sample image on an XXL bamboo/organic cotton tee and the tee at up the image, IMO. The transfer was about 8" x 10".

What would be good for your stash is to buy 5 tees in sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL. Then, make a standard 8.5 x 11" transfer to press on all of them. With that, you can show customers how that "standard" sized image will look on the various sized tshirts.

If you can go larger because they want larger, then you can.
Ideally, you do need at least two sizes to get the ideal size over a range of shirt sizes. But, dang, that gets expensive.

Check out Woot Shirt : One Shirt, No Shoes, No Service (SM). At the bottom of their daily shirt, they show the 2 sizes of the design based on the shirt size, all the way from kids to 3X. This will give you a good idea on sizing.

I size my horizontal designs at 12 inches wide. This works on S-XX+. I don't do kids sizes. But 12 inches may be too large for womens sizes, not sure.
Roger. There is noa ctual guidline for the size of a transfer. It really depends on the type of graphic. A one liner might be 2" high and 10" wide and there are designs that might look their best at 15" plus. An 8.5 x 1ll graphic shoud be ok through a xl, and sometimes a xxl. It might be out of proportion on anything larger. Once again, it depends on the graphic.
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