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ruffled infant tops/sets and dresses

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Does anyone know where to purchase ruffled dresses or sets for infant/toddler? The ones I'm looking for have the wide mesh ruffles. My daughter was recently given a set that had pink and zebra ruffles. Or if someone knew where to find the material the ruffles are made out I don't kind to sew them . I just think they would be darling to bling...
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Not 100% sure, but you may be able to get the look with tulle and sewing it on. Fabric stores have varying kinds of stiffness and thickness. We have infant ruffle dresses, but they are all 100% cotton.

Kids Blanks makes adorable tu tu's for both infant and toddlers. They might fit the bill.

Toddlers: Wholesale Tutus for Toddlers - KidsBlanks
Infants: Wholesale Tutus for Babies - KidsBlanks

Good luck! If you post a picture, it might help others help you find the item.

Mindy Anastos
L.A. T Sportswear
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