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Royalties Or Copyright Infringement?

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New here, and have a quick question for you all. I am just wondering, I have found a t-shirt printing website that offers an abundance of images and fonts for print to put on the shirts. Now what I am wondering is, if I use these images and fonts for print from the website to print on the shirts and sell them commercially (small business out of my home), are there any legalities behind this? I have checked the entire site and there doesn't seem to be any disclaimers or legal mumbojumbo about it whatsoever. I am just worried about the possibility of royalties or copyright infringement from the site... I want to make sure of this before I go ahead and do something that may get me into trouble or worse, thrown in jail lol! If anyone could please shed some light on the subject, I would be very grateful! Thanks!
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The best thing to do is contact the website directly and ask them what their policies are. Other than that, it's hard to give you advice without knowing what images you are looking to print and sell. Can you give us more info?
Wouldn't they put something on the site though, if there were disclaimers ect.? What other info would you like me to post?
Do not just assume you can use their images for commercial purposes. There should be a terms and conditions section somewhere. Ignorance of their policy is no excuse if you get caught.
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