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Royal Apparel

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I am looking into using Royal Apparel for my shirts and this is my question.... For example on the ladies RA2001 it says it is 30/1 combed ring spun 100% cotton 6 oz/sq yd, but it does not say anything about it being preshrunk. Does this mean that it will shrink a good bit if I use this and sell to a costumer? I am trying to start slow with better quality and preferably american made and the reason I like R.A. is because they carry more of the trendy type look....but I am now wondering is I will have a shrinking problem.
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The best thing to do is buy 2 samples of the same shirt and do a machine wash test on one 1 sample and compare the before and after, by measuring each the length, chest, neck ect or if your a female buy them in your size and try them on to determine the shrinkage.
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