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Royal Apparel ... stains, holes, etc & question about "loss"

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Has anyone else ordered with Royal Apparel and had issues with the quality of the product?

I'm in the middle of a 300-piece white shirt order and after 2 cases I have probably about 12 shirts that are no where near acceptable, especially considering that I've redirected this client from American Apparel to Royal to save a little, so obviously they've got certain expectations.

I'm noticing large (2" diameter) brown stains that look almost like dry water mostly on the shoulders. It's not consistent (an entire grip of 12 having this) and seems to be pretty random, but has shown up in multiple packages (they're in grips of 12, in plastic bags)

The packaging seems acceptable so I don't think that's the problem.

I also have gotten a few with various small holes in them, I've seen these from time-to-time but this widespread is not ok with me.

I've contacted Royal and haven't received a response (I sent it tonight) so I'll wait for that to pass my final judgment but wondering what / if anyone's experience has been with this.

I also had an order of charcoal grey shirts from them and there is a very noticeable difference in the coloring between XL + 2XL. I have issues with shades/mildly colorblind so for me to notice this means it's pretty damn apparent.

My final question is more of a general one, what is the industry standard for "rejects" or whatever the proper term is? I know mistakes happen and QC can fail from time-to-time and we deal in quantities, so over the long run there is going to be X amount of loss, just wondering what the industry standard is because where I'm at, with 2 cases down and 12+ rejects (I let some "questionable" ones slide, which would be almost definitely rejected by my typical standards) I'm at or beyond a 12% loss right now. That just seems insane to me, for any industry really, especially one trying to compete / cater to the higher end crowd with the likes of American Apparel & Alternative Apparel.
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So, I just cracked another case and got started, but noticed almost immediately that these looked and felt completely different than the first two, checked the tags and they're not "FABRIC: Fine jersey 30/1 combed ring spun 100% cotton 4.4 oz/sq yd" as listed on the site. They're a cotton/poly blend.

The difference isn't really that noticeable, but it's different than the rest of the sizes, further increasing inconsistency. Luckily it's just a pack of white shirts, because I do a lot of discharge and had this (I assume conscious substitution) happened on an order for discharge I'd be up ****s creek right now.

I'm not impressed, I was excited because their prices seemed extremely competitive as a sub for high end fashion fit brands, but all these issues have made me question my future with Royal.

Perhaps I've just been lucky and this kind of thing happens from time-to-time? I just feel like being in the business of trying to reproduce something en masse, having consistency in what I print on, pretty much the only variable I don't directly control, is one of the most critical points of my business.
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I have been a customer of Royal Apparel since Late 2010. Like anyone I have had some issues but their response to correcting these issues has has made my decsion easy. Royal Apparel are the only garments I buy. Did you call their office or Email. I have never once had a issue with lack of response tell me how it goes
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