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Roland Versacamm vs. Summa DC4???

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I am wondering what everyone's thoughts are on which printer/cutter is better for the both quality and money. I am ready to purchase a printer cutter and am currently looking at the Summa DC4 54" thermal.

My question's are: Which is better, thermal or ink? Roland or Summa? Or is there another printer cutter worth looking at? Would you go with a printer/cutter in one or a separate printer and cutter and laminator? Also, with the thermal printer do I still need a laminator?

I will be using the equipment for vinyl decals, magnets, signage and banners mostly. Any thoughts and experiences would be greatly appreciated!
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I decided to go with the Summa DC4! Thanks everyone!
I decided to go with the Summa DC4! Thanks everyone!
Terri, now that you own the DC4, check out this website Signs 101 Home - Signs 101
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