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Roland VersaCamm SP-300 Printer/Plotter - central Maryland

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Hello, I have for sale used an Roland VersaCamm SP-300 ECO-SOLVENT Printer/Cutter(not and i or a v) Just SP-300.

I am the 2nd owner and have only done test prints. We have had our local Roland Dealer come in as it was new to us and teach us how to maintain and use. He also did a service check and tune-up. The cutting Blades are good and the unit has 2 print heads. The black and cyan share 1 print head and the yellow and magenta share a print head. It does great nozzel checks except for the black. The unit prints fine but if you are doing small text or heavy black solids you may see some slight banding. the black printhead should be replaced and will need to be in the future(dealer quoted 1200.00).

Our Roland dealer is taking it in on trade in and says he will be replacing the black print head but nothing else and reselling for 7900-8900 with a 90 day warranty. I am into the unit for over $6000.00 and I would like to get $6,000.00 for the unit but will entertain any offer over $5,000.00 as I am losing money trading it in.

I have the rip software which is Roland Color Works 2.2 and the owners manuals. Unit is very clean and well maintained. If anyone is interested I can send you pictures of the prints we did and the unit itself.

All software can be downloaded from www.rolanddga.com. Per the dealer the unit was made in 12/05 and sold and placed into service 1 year later in dec 06/jan 07( I am not swearing by this but was told this when I checked serial #, I will provide serial # and you may contact a Roland dealer for machine history to clarify).

I am happy to send photos of the unit and answer any questions I can, we are getting the Roland SP-540i as a replacement unit so we can do wider banners. We bought initially to do banners and t transfers but we sell more 36 inch banners than t-transfers and have decided to buy a Direct To garment printer with white ink and upgrade to the new Roland SP-540i for our banners and transfers.

This unit will be available until about September 10th when our new unit arrives. I would suggest that this unit be picked up as we have no way to crate and I would not be comfortable shipping it due to its akward dimensions.

Please contact me if interested. Any reasonable offer over $5000.00 and it is yours. I am located in central Maryland just north of Baltimore.Cash or certified bank check only. If interested in shipping that must be arranged by the buyer. Unit is sold as is , no warranties expressed or implied.
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Just a quick update, our new Roland has been delayed and will not arrive to the 27th - 30th. So this unit is still available until the 27th-30th. 2 have recently sold on ebay for 7,000.00 plus. I am hoping to get 5000.00 for this unit, no inks, inks are installed but we are keeping for our new 540. I can not post pictures but can email pictures of the unit and prints from the unit upon request. please include email. I have also been told by some other owners and members that a soak of the printhead should be able to bring the black nozzles back to life, I can not promise that but this unit is in excellent shape and is fully functioning and i have original manuals. Again, $5000.00 and you pick up, great unit and great value. please include your email if you want pictures of the prints we have done or the unit itself. Thanks
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