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Roland SP300V cutting issue

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I recently purchased a SP300V, and am learning to use it. It has been printing and cutting fine. Havent cut anything in about a week, and tried tonight to cut some HTV; printer is working great but the cutter is not cutting smoothly - its actually cutting almost perforated. I have tried adjusting settings to no avail. Can't believe it just started happening all of a sudden so wondering if I am doing something wrong? Or does it need a new blade? just seems odd. Have a job to get out and was hoping to finish this weekend. Thanks. (also - getting same results on both test cut and design, if that helps). Any thoughts appreciated! attached an image as well but its hard to see the issue because its on white.


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When I used to make signs with a vinyl cutter that's what a dull blade would look like....but I could be wrong
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Thanks! just thought it was weird that it cut perfectly the last time I used it and now this...
Are you cutting identical material....usually when I dulled or bent/tweaked a blade it was cuz I did something I shouldn't have....like wrong depth to deep ...and some vinyls can dull
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