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I have a Roland PNC-1210. I know it is old, but it is still going and has treated me pretty good. However, I had a pinch roller split on me recently. I purchased two new OEM which were to be used as a replacement. Not good. Slightly large enough that it is leaving a black mark/indention along the edge of my vinyl and it dogtracks. I also have a not so good sound when I tested it. My manual states Roland Camm-1 Pro PNC-1860, PNC-1410, PNC-1210. I believe that they are all the same pinch roller. Anyone have a model kicking around that I can buy the rollers? I cannot afford a new cutter right now after upgrading all of my other equipment. Besides, there isn't anything wrong with this cutter other than the roller. Thank you.
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Did you ever find this part? I find myself in need of the lever off of the assembly. Sounds like we need the same thing.
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