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I just started in the T shirt business as a add on to my current business. I'm learning corel (2018 graphics suite full version) and have owned a Roland VG-540 print/cut for 5 days now. I'm very new but ran into my first snag.

I've added the cut lines in my design where I need to weed away the material but the areas circled in blue were skipped over with the blade even though I can clearly see the cut line in the artwork.

I'm sure I probably did something wrong to cause this in the artwork but I'm not sure what. Everything else cut out fine but I had to manually go over these spots with a razor blade in order to produce my sample.

I watched the machine during cutting and it actually picked up the blade over these parts which really confuses me.
I figure this is a error on my end in the graphic so I posted here.

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