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MY friend has the GX-300 with Vista. I just got the new drivers for Vista, which they did not have at the time when he bought the machine. We needed to install a regular printer, and he said that people he hired before from town PC shops could not get it to work and also messed up the Roland cutter, causing him to have to call Roland and get support. I got it to work but the weird problem we have is that the vinyl feeds about 1 foot out, then goes back to the beginning and starts cutting. It does the job fine, but if he had a 1 piece vinyl compared to roll, it would just spit it off the tracks.

Also The cutter at the end to rip off the end result, does not cut all the way through. The setting for the blade is set to the highest pressure as well. It only cuts the sticky vinyl, thats it.

Any ideas?? Since his warranty is up, it costs $30 to fix the problems through tech support...
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