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After lots of frustration and wrong cables, I got my Roland GX-24 to work with Windows 10.
USB port on the GX-24 has been bad for a long time and we can only use the serial port.
Roland makes a cable for USB to serial you can purchase here ROLAND USB to SERIAL Cable
Don't bother with trying a cheaper cable.
Be sure to use a USB port from the back of the computer for the USB to Serial cable connection. I couldn't get it to work when plugged into the front USB ports on my computer, after 6+ hours of frustration.
Install the windows 10 driver for the GX-24 from Roland. Choose USB at the time of driver installation.
You might have to go through device manager to check your COM port assigned to the USB to serial, and control panel to add the GX-24 manually the listed printers.
This can be done with the right USB to serial cable.
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