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Roland GX-24 = SignMate = Mac OS9 = ?

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Just bought a Roland GX-24 plotter and want to know if it will work on an old OS9 Mac G3 tower running Roland's old SignMate Express? It's ok on the serial connection but since GX-24 didn't exist back then there's no drivers/plotter file for it. Can I just use another "similar" 24" plotter selection? Don't care now about extra features on the GX-24; just basic plotter functions for now.
And yes I have Flexi8 Mac 8.5 on a much newer Intel iOSX (10.6.8) Mac that can also read the old ".SM" files, but prefer for now to run the plotter on the old Mac since SignMate actually runs faster than Flexi on newer Mac. And I have hundreds of old SignMate files and don't want to convert, etc. I also would prefer to use this old computer just to run the plotter so I can do other work on the newer iMac, etc.
I've been running a very old Roland Camm-1 PNC-1000 plotter on this old OS9 system for years.
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