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Roland GX-24 Print & Cut is no longer accurate

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Hi there,

I've been using a Roland GX-24 for nearly five years now, and it's served me very well.
In the last few months though, I've noticed that print & cut isn't accurate anymore...

I'm using A3 transfers, printed with an Epson 1290. The cutter reads the registration marks ok, but when it cuts, it gets progressively more out of alignment as the cutting goes on.
I initially assumed it was just an issue with fine adjustment settings in cutstudio's 'printing setup' screen, but it seems to be more of a problem than that.
For instance, if I'm cutting a load of identical circles, say 15mm in size, I may find that 20% of them are cut perfectly, but then they get progressively worse, so that by the end of the cut they're as much as 2mm out.

So... has anyone had a similar problem? Any suggestions?

I've tried with multiple blades, played with settings, recently oiled the blade after reading somewhere that this might help... I'm stumped.

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Usually what it ends up being is the top margin setting in printing setup. I always try to set it at 1.5 inches.

A good way of telling if this is the issue is if the cutter initially misses the last cropmark.

Other then that, are you certain you have your paper properly aligned?

Are you having tracking issues with vinyl also?
I'm only using A3 sheets, so I can't set the top margin to 1.5", I'd lose too much space. I have it set to 56mm, which I'm pretty sure I got from the help file as the setting for A3 sheets.

The settings haven't changed, I've been using it with no issues for a few years now - it's only the last few months that this has started happening. What's weird is that it'll do the first quarter of the page flawlessly, but it starts to go further out as the page goes on.

The cutter doesn't usually miss the last cropmark, no. That seems to work fine.
It's hard to tell if I'm having issues with rolls of single colour vinyl - we're only talking about 2mm or so. It wouldn't be noticable on single colour, but on the full colour stuff I usually have a border of 1 or 2mm, so if the cut's out, the border is noticably thinner on one side.
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Have you done any updates to your Cut Studio? What version are you currently on?
Last time I upgraded my machine, about January, I downloaded the latest patch from Roland.
I'm currently on v1.28.
Try updating their latest version. I've seen on occasion with some customers the cut line is flattened off on top. An update usually fixes that.
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