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Roland EGX-350 Engraver

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Roland EGX-350 Engraver

Located in St. Louis, Missouri
Best option would be for pickup ... however I do have the original shipping cartons.
If you would like to have items shipped we will need to discuss options and shipping insurance.
My email address is [email protected]

I bought this in order to get into the rhinestone business. Business never took off.
Used only once to test functionality.
This engraver is in excellent ... brand new condition!
Spent over $6200 (not that it matters now).

$4000 OBO
Purchased new in May 2009

Items included:

EGX-350 Engraver with controller panel
-I have all the original shipping boxes

EGX-350 vaccuum adapter

Engraving Tool Starter Kit, 1/8in tools with holder

Engraving Tools Starter Kit, 1/4in tools with holder

Engraving Tools needed for creating rhinestone templates

Roland MV-2 ... Multi Vise and Fixture Kit for EGX-350 engraver

R-Wear Studio software for designing rhinestone templates

USB cable

Sticky pads to holder items in place while engraving (10 pads)


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Bump ... with price reduction to $3400.
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