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Roland CAMM-1 SERVO GX-24 vinyl cutter

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Currently I screen print our names and number on the shirts we do. The lady that owned the shop before me said she did heatpress in the beginning and had lots of returns so that is why she started screen printing them. I can't be competitive screenprinting them so I'm looking into getting a Roland CAMM-1 SERVO GX-24 vinyl cutter using Siser Vinyl.
I can get a Package includes:
(1) Roland CAMM – 1 Servo GX-24 Desktop Vinyl Cutter
(6) 5 Yard Rolls of any Siser cad-material
(1) Siser Vinyl Weeder
(1) 3 – Pack 45 Degree .25 offset cast and calendared vinyl blades
(1) Cutter Protection Strip
(1) CutStudio software bundle
Ultimate Vinyl Package - $2150.00
Refurbished Vinyl Package - $1650.00
I was thinking about going with the refurbished package. What are everyone thoughs bout the Roland and the siser vinyl? I have read good things about the cutter. Do know much about the vinyl.
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If you haven't made the purchase already, you may want to inquire at Imprintables Warehouse about their package on a new cuttrer. I know IW price is lower than the above and it may not include some of the accessories you listed - but the big question is does the valude of the additional accessories justify the price difference? Good luck
I went with the Refurbished one , they told me if I did not like it that I could return it no questions asked.
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