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I have searched long and far for the actual procedure to convert from White/Metallic/Magenta #2 on the Roland BN20. What I have found is people saying it is not a good idea due to ink contamination issues. One post mentioned using the "Service Application" to change the ink settings. The "Service Application" is called out several times in the factory service manual to include a 'Service Application [I/S]>[Ink Type]".

Could someone point me to where I could download this app? Or another method for changing the ink configuration / restoring to a factory config state?

I have even dumped the tsop48 nand flash from the motherboard to examine it, but can't figure out the encoding / encryption on it.

I am aware that there is an ink contamination risk however I have replaced the the ink pump, lines, top cap, dampers, and have deep flushed the head in a recent overhaul so I would imagine the chances of contamination are minimal now.

Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot Software

I would imagine that since with newest firmware the printer supports MAX 1, 2 and 3 inks (via a 1-way user reconfiguration) that you could "downgrade" from MAX 3 to 1 using the same app.
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