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Roland BN-20 Why is price so high for small printer cutter

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I just wonder why the price is up there for this small printer cutter. I use to have a Roland Hi-Fi jet 54" years back.
I though somone would come out with a small printer
cutter at a better price. Roland makes some nice stuff but
man that is a bit much for a small printer cutter.
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Have you seen the price of the bigger one? ;)

I think it was the first small format print / cut available, so they can charge what they like. Dev costs, Supply and demand
Yea I bought a 54" wide HI-FI jet from Roland years back
for around $26,000. Its worked well but times have changed
and prices should have come down, which they have on
large wide format. Im sure China and Korea will have a
small print and cut for a good price if Roland keeps their
price on the BN-20 where it is.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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