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Roland BN-20, Oki 920 wt or Epson WF-7520 (Advice Please?)

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Hello all. I'm a complete rookie to this forum (posting-wise) as well as the industry and have discovered that the more I learn in here the more confused I become. LoL. :D
Anyhow, this BN-20 looks to be an awesome piece to build my small start-up business around. I'm preparing to launch a 'premium' t-shirt & casual apparel line (mainly online), so obviously the quality of the garment must match the 'premium' claim. I'm seriously considering buying a BN-20. In comparison however, I'm also considering the options of going the route of the Oki Pro 920wt, Fast T-Jet 2, or just proceeding with my original plan of using my 2 Epson WF-7520s (to start out). In terms of t-shirt production only, which option would be the best (cost-quality-output durability)? ie. Is the BN-20 capable of producing results not attainable with the WF-7520s (w/ a good contour cutter) or the other options? Or is there another options I should research other than screenprinting (comparable in cost).. Anybody in Dallas, TX area have a BN-20 & wouldn't mind a show & tell? Thanks in advance for your perspective.. And yes, I've read this entire forum in reference to the BN-20.. I think... :)
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Forget the Fast T Jet 2....... outdated and pretty short supply, if any, or parts as Epson has stopped production some time ago. The BN20 is to slow for me and the vinyl tanners have a heavy hand. Have the vendor send you a sample for you to press
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Thanks charles95405. I've taken note of some of your points in a few prior threads as well & I will definitely request samples. BTW - I subsequently noticed those FastT-Jet 2s were refurbs from EZ. Appreciate the feedback.
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