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Curious about everyones opinion....

This is a motorcycle clothing line. Our market will be riders of all bikes ages 16 to 40. The difference between our brand and all the others out there will be pricing and designs. Our prices will be about half of the big companies and comparible to the smaller companies. Our designs will a bit more complex and no so cliche and by that I mean we won't have a custom chopper printed on every shirt ;) . We want to attract the younger bikers and want them to have a badass alternative to paying $49.99 for a Harley-Davidson shirt. This is our first line-up with more to come later this year. We will also have long sleeve shirts, womens t-shirts, hoodies and hats.

I'm very open to any criticism so if you need to tell it how it is, go for it.



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overall, great job. :)

my criticism, and this is just based on personal preference so take it for what it's worth as i don't know your market, is i like more colour. were i to have made these, i would probably have used a more 'raw' font for the 'die on my feet' one. by itself the red 'road captain' is just an okay design, something i would consider putting my logo on the sleeve for or on the back, just something small and (relatively) tasteful to give it a little more brand definition because as it stands it's a bit more on the generic side: that is, if i saw this on a rack i wouldn't know it was a brand as opposed to merely a design someone banged out.

still, a great job. :)
Yeah I see what you mean about that, I never looked at it that way, thanks.

From the outside and maybe not being a biker does it seem like it would attract the motorcycle audience?

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do the designs scream biker when you first see them? not so much to me, but the flag and skull allude to it somewhat. the west coast cross is a nice design, if not fairly derivative. but, by virtue of it being worn by a biker, that makes it a biker shirt, right? lol. by that i mean a lot of bikers are pretty obviously bikers regardless of what shirt they're wearing. without attaching yourself to a motorcyle maker, using choppers or text that mentions bikes, it's probably going to take some strong references to make an instant connection if, say, i just saw a pic of your shirt without any context whatsoever.

if you felt the need to tinker with things, that would be fine, but if you ran with it as is and gave the designs time enough to be seen and get sold, you may be just as well off. hard for me to say. :) i would guess that by virtue of marketing this towards bikers, then that's who's going to buy them, and that perhaps by making it clear to someone like me, a non-biker, might be overkill. dunno. that's up to you, and welcome to business ownership, lol. (personally, i've always had the overkill mentality, as evidenced by the brand name i've chosen (and someday may actually get around to do) for myself, 'of cosmic significance.' :) i thought to mention that only because one doodle i did recently had a biker driving around the universe.) you would base your decision on your market research/observation.

again, i like the designs. bear in mind i say that with very little reference to go by, meaning that for all i know these are completely generic in the biker t-shirt world.

i wish i knew more about the biker lifestyle as i would make humourous shirts. hey, if they have body builder humor shirts, why not for bikers? :)

and for what it's worth, i would throw in a badass chopper into the mix. my theory is that, say, if i was really into guitars, i would have a lot of shirts with guitars on them. i understand wanting to be a different kind of brand, but at the same time i think that needs to be balanced out somewhat with what you want to do creatively and what the customer wants. i mean, if you came up with a kickass chopper design, would it surprise you if that was your best seller?
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Thanks for the great insight, its very helpful. The designs I've been working on for the fall release I think will cater to bikers even more than the ones I have now. I'm not very keen on the whole chopper on a shirt thing because in the market that's what everyone does but at the same time I do want to make one with a different approach, not sure how to accomplish that yet but I'm gonna try. Same for the cliche designs of the wolf howling at the moon and eagle soaring through the air. I want to make a new school approach for those designs but like I said I have no ideas yet. I've got many events coming up so we will see how they sell and if bikers are really interested in my product.

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