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RNK Distributing Commercial Offers New Appli-Stitch® Leather Fabrics

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Normally, creating appliqué with leather can be a challenge, especially for a new embroiderer. Leather requires a stronger needle and typically increases thread breaks and other issues.

RNK Distributing Commercial recently came out with a new product, Appli-Stitch® Leather that is easy to use and will not require you to change out your needle as you would with a regular piece of leather.

Appli-Stitch Leather is designed to be used with your favorite Appli-Stitch design collection or digitized appliqué designs created in Floriani Total Control Commercial embroidery software using the Appli-Stitch tool.

Simply lay a square in the embroidery hoop. Sew your appliqué design border as usual. When it’s finished, simply tear away the excess fabric and your appliqué is done. Appli-Stitch® eliminates the need for cutting the applique out or using adhesive spray to hold it in place.

Appli-Stitch® Leather is ideal for creating authentic-looking sports balls, cowboy boots, emblems, or animal shapes and creates dramatic effects with lettering. This versatile fabric comes in two colors: tan and brown. It’s sold individually in sheets measuring 15.5 inches by 18 inches and 15.5 inches by 36 inches.

To see the selection of designs and fabric as well as a video of Appli-Stitch in action, go to APPLI-STITCH™ Fabric & Designs <!--? ** print $pagetitle; ** print $url_category; ?-->.

For more information about RNK Distributing and their full line of commercial products which include Appli-Stitch materials, Floriani stabilizers, threads, and more, go to Floriani Commercial or call 865-549-5115.


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