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RIpPro v04 - installation - asking about ink supplier

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I just started printing my first tshirt yesterday, I have a Kiosk and Rippro v04.

During the installation, RipPro v04 ask me where I am getting my inks from:

2 possibilities:

- swfeast
- Mesa, Europe...

I am using Dupont artistri Ink, and I didnt know which option to choose because I didnt bought it form any of them.

Does anyone know, why RipPro is asking this question and how it can influence the way it is sending the job to the printer?

Thank you,

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Someone correct me if I'm wrong. But, I believe Mesa sales the Dupont inks. This should install the correct color profiles.

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The reason why the software asks where you are getting the inks from is because the two different ink sets used in your printer have different profiles. If you load the wrong profiles (i.e. you choose the wrong supplier), then you will find it more challenging to get the correct colors for your prints. If you are using Dupont's ink, then you should select "Mesa, Europe" option. If you selected the wrong one already, then you will need to uninstall / reinstall the software. Your distributor should have instructions for you to follow to get it installed properly. I would call the person you purchased the printer from and ask for some assistance.

Good luck with your new printer!

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Yep Donna and Mark are correct. Selecting the mesa option will install the dupont color profiles.
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