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Ripping Vector and Bitmap together

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OK have bitmap type artwork, good quality from Great Dane Graphics, then I put lettering around the art, true type, when I rip and print I get great print of the true type fonts but the raster, bitmap art is light looks faded. I am using fast artist /fast RIP and cobra rip, which is same as Multi Rip GP or Power Rip. Same results. Printing one pass on white shirt at 1440 dpi. Dpi on the raster art is 300 dpi. So two different RIPs doing the same. Prob have something set wrong somewhere.
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How are you printing? Are you printing from a program or importing into the RIP? I've seen a lot of Great Dane graphics and it appears as if he uses channels for separations. Any time you try to export a file, it won't export the channels. So far, the only way I've been able to get around this is to print directly out of Photoshop to the RIP.
I put the graphic into PS remove the black "do not Print layer" and everything else except the RGB channel. Delete the background layer, so now it;s transparent. Save the file and print from corel draw after adding the lettering via Cobra Rip / Power Rip. Or import into Fast Artist / Fast Rip. Always the same. Thanks
Try using the original image except for the DO NOT PRINT channel and print directly out of Photoshop. Don't worry about the lettering just yet. My guess is, you will have a pretty vibrant print.
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