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Hello everyone,

I've stumbled on this forum many times in the last few years but I've finally registered today :)

I have a problem

Printer: Epson CX7400
Status: Error E-01 (paper jam error)

So I've gone through the service manual and did everything it said in there. I've disassembled the whole thing.

1) There is no paper stuck in mechanism
2) The scanner, CR and PF motors are working fine
3) The lever compression spring is okay
4) The paper guide unit is okay
5) The CR scale is okay
6) The FFC encoder is connected to the board just fine

In short, I've given up fixing the printing mechanism.

Right now, I'm trying to salvage the scanner!!

I have the scanner motor cable and the scanner FFC connecting to the main board

Also on the board are connecters for:
1) PF motor
2) CR motor
3) PE sensor cable
4) Main Power cable
5) Three FFC cables going to the CR chassis
6) One PF encoder sensor
7) Front display FFC

I tried removing all other cables except:
1) power
2) scanner motor cable
3) scanner FFC cable
4) front display cable

but I still get a E-01 paper jam error

Can anyone kindly offer some assistance. I'll post pictures soon.
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