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Need some help with a colour problem please.
My rip is reading colour where no colour exists and lays down about 5% of all colours without reference.

eg: When I print a 15% magenta tint, the cyan and yellow will also print about 5% and change that colour. If I turn the c&y off in the rip then only will my magenta print pure. This happens with all my colours but is only really noticed on light tints of pure colour.
Its difficult to explain but these pics should help.

1, 2 & 3 are all printed the same with the colours turned on or off in the rip.

1 : 15%m 15%y 15% c The colours are not very clean as the other colours are also printing with the pure colour .

2: yellow and cyan are turned off in the rip. The magenta is now pure 15%. You will see a slight tint of magenta where the yellow and cyan should be.

3: magenta and yellow turned off in the rip. The Cyan is now pure 15%. You can see a slight tint of cyan where the magenta and yellow should be.

The magenta and cyan in 1 should be the same as 2& 3 respectively.

I have a DTG eclipse (epson 2400) for about 18 months and started noticing this about 2 weeks ago. You can only see this on light colours. My settings have not changed as far as I'm aware.

I use Rip Pro v .03 (743)

Attached are my colour settings (image mode is CMYK)

Has anybody else ever had this problem. Maybe a simple setting change will solve this.

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


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