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I have a 4/4 Riley with Micro. When I get a registration spot on it won't stay that way. Everything's very tight screens are in good shape etc. I can't figure it out. Any help would be awesome.
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Does this happen after you tighten down the clamp on the micro or after you have printed a few shirts?

Mitchell - Star Designs
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Both. I've worked n worked to figure out why it was moving when fighting down cause I hold the screen down tightly.
When you have finished registration try turning the knobs on each side of the clamp about a quarter turn until it's tightened. Tightening one side all the way before the other can move the screen.

As far as after you've been printing a while many things can happen. Any excessive jarring CAN move screen in the clamp. Make sure the screen is tight in the clamp. Be smooth with your technique. I found when I got in "rhythm" on a job I would rotate too fast and the repetitive jarring of stopping the next screen would eventually throw off the registration. You want to go as fast as possible but nothing wastes time more than having to stop and dial in your registration again. So I had to learn to slow down my rotation just a bit.

The only other thing I can think of is making sure your screen is completely "seated" on the stop bolt and that the nylon bolts are dialed in to make sure your screen isn't moving a little bit. (Of course this would only cause registration problems on one platen).

And sometimes, it just happens.

Hope this helps!

Mitchell - Star Designs
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Have you checked the nylon bolts in your registration gate?
The nylon bolt are a good thing to check. Not only for being too loose, but too tight will be a issue.

If you are just starting printing, a consistent pressure, stoke, angle, speed is needed especially with static screens, low tension screens can be a problem if you got your used. I personally can't print with statics at 20n due to skewing the image while printing. What a difference using rollers at 40n.
The RH's are bad about pushing the registration plate out of whack once you tighten down the micros, mine does it all the time.
Don't get me wrong I love my Riley but I'm bout at my whitttttssssss ends with it. Lol. Thanks guys I'll start from the beginning again and hopefully something will work..
Also check to see if it happens on only one pallet or all. If it's only one, look for something loose. Same with the printheads. Do they all do it, or only one? Label each head and station to see if you can isolate it.
I've ran into a similar problem with my Riley 6/4. Turns out my shirt boards were slightly warped. Each one was warped a bit differently. After I got my screens registered, The first print was with the board I set my registration with, and it was right on, and the next 3 were off. New boards and everything was better. I just ordered aluminum boards so I don't run into this problem again.

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Have you checked the nylon bolts in your registration gate?
That's always a good item to check. My gates on my Vastex were loose (my fault) and the whole screen would shift by 1 millimeter or less from screen up to screen down. It drove me insane as I checked tightness on everything else before finding this.
I changed all my plattens and nylon bolts and prints beautiful now. Kinda weird seeing the plattens were pretty new n the bolts really weren't wore out but I figured just replace it all and see what happens.
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