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Riley hopkins carousel

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I am currently considering buying a Riley Hopkins carousel,
6 colour, 4 station with joystick registration, does anyone have one of these? or know anything about them.
:)are they well made?
Is the joystick reg any good?
Are there any known issues with these machines?

I would appreciate any feedback on this.

Thank you.
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I have a 4/4. the joystick reg is ok. needs some getting used to but it works nicely. Other than that they are solid presses and hold excellent registration.
I got a 6/4 with joystick. It is a pretty nice press. I'd spend the extra money on micros if I were you, but the joystick isn't bad. There are a few pre-registration systems available for the press now so those will help with your setup time and accuracy. I'm pretty fond of the Hopkins press actually. You won't be disappointed.
I have a 6/4 Hopkins press, and I love it. If you have the $$, I would suggest getting an 8 color press. There have been many a time when I've had to remove screens in the middle of a job in order to print another rush order. If I had an additional 2 color stations, I could have kept the screens on the press.
I've got the Hopkins 8/4 with joystick reg and love this press!
Well made, holds registration, no complaints.
Like anything, there's a learning curve to using it. Once you use the joystick as an extension of your arm, you're all good.
Great choice in a press!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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