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Riley Hopkins Aluminum Platen trouble

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I recently bought two aluminum platens to go with my 2 station Riley hopkins jr. I hated to spend the money bt was getting tired of warped wood platens. I get them on and lined up a screen with my T-square to make sure the words printed are straight. I print on both platens and one is straight and the other is not. I checked to make sure the bracket was on the arm of the press correctly and it is. I took the platens off and used my T square on the bottoms. There is a plate on the bottom of the platen that the bracket screws to. One of them is square while the other is just a little off. I’m guessing this is what is throwing my design off. With my wood platens this would be an easy fix because I can square the bracket to the platen. With these aluminum platens, there is no wiggle room. What should I do? Deal with every other shirt being a little crooked? Screw the bracket to the arm a little crooked every time? Has anyone else had this problem? It has never been a problem with any of my wood platens.
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Remove the bracket from the platen. Install the bracket onto the press arm, then place the platen over the top. Center the platen using the centerline of the arm and the t-square. Mark the position on the bottom and attach the bracket. You should be good to go.
It’s an aluminum platen so the bracket can only go in the holes made for it. There’s no moving the bracket on the platen. I assumed they where all made the same but 1 of the 2 is just a little off.
If they are pre-drilled, is the off center one backwards? Maybe flip it 180 degrees and see if that fixed it. I have a really old Hopkins International and the bracket has bottom AND side clamps. If the platen is flipped 180, the side clamps will pull it off center too far to one side. Maybe that's it???
you can also check the bottom of the platten to see if you can screw the bracket into different holes. If they are still off, I would contact Ryonet, assuming that is where you got it from, and let them know and have it exchanged. If you only have a two station press, then why settle for 50% being off? And having to adjust every time would be ridiculous to say the least. Good luck.
The holes in the bracket can be elongated to allow adjustments.

I draw straight lines on all the platens from the center line of the platen arm and don’t use the top of platen to make shirts straight. This would eliminate any crooked prints due to bracket placement.
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