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I recently bought two aluminum platens to go with my 2 station Riley hopkins jr. I hated to spend the money bt was getting tired of warped wood platens. I get them on and lined up a screen with my T-square to make sure the words printed are straight. I print on both platens and one is straight and the other is not. I checked to make sure the bracket was on the arm of the press correctly and it is. I took the platens off and used my T square on the bottoms. There is a plate on the bottom of the platen that the bracket screws to. One of them is square while the other is just a little off. I’m guessing this is what is throwing my design off. With my wood platens this would be an easy fix because I can square the bracket to the platen. With these aluminum platens, there is no wiggle room. What should I do? Deal with every other shirt being a little crooked? Screw the bracket to the arm a little crooked every time? Has anyone else had this problem? It has never been a problem with any of my wood platens.
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