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Right on

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Hi peeps!

that's a difficult task to introduce myself. Let's put it this way: I've recently
decided to go self-employed and started a promotional items biz. I've been
doing quite well with badges and now I've started offering my customer a
custom t-shirt service for small runs:
Luckily around here I've found:
- a good Fruit of the loom tess supplier - it seems cheap enough
- a handful of decent screenprinters

Having studied their pricelist I've figured out that if i start out with some basic
equip (1 colour) I can quickly pay off the investment and run the business by
myself, if you know what I mean...

That's what brought me here through google.

That's a few things about myself:
I love: black american music, 6t's graphic and design, street art, Tee-shirts:D, collecting 7", djing, good food, beer and so on.

I'm sure I'll found some extremely intersting info in here,

Take care,

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:D:D:D That was quick indeed...

I forgot to mention that being already dead busy, I also found the time to create, mantain and moderate www.soullovers.org the Italian soul lovers forum...!
MrApolloBu said:
i'd join your forum if I knew italian ;)
We used to have the "English Banter" section, I'll try to put it up
asap as we got 4/5 north americans and english peeps interested
in what's going on soul-wise in Italy... If they can sign-up you can
Hi Marco, welcome to the T-Shirt Forums!
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