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Ricoh gxe7700 bypass tray issue

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Hi there,
I hope this is the right place to post this but i am having massive issues with the bypass tray of my Ricoh GXe7700n printer!

I have searched online for answers but to no joy so i hope someone may be able to give me some advice!

I have used it for the last few years to print A3+ for sublimation but recently since i have changed my paper from trupix to magic touch's paper the bypass tray was not feeding correctly mainly when there was less paper and now won't feed correctly at all! Its just pulls it to one side on the first pull and then would just make it worse on the second grab!

I have taken it off and wiped the roller grabber in the middle and the plastic part which also moves on the far left and i have also tried to change the settings on the printer but it is no better!

I have had the printer for almost 5 years however the print quality and general functioning is absolutely fine but its just the bypass tray feeder...which is what i use the most!

I hope someone can help or even recommend a Ricoh printer specialist who could look at it as i don't think this is something I can resolve without a technician!

I am also currently ordering a new dye sub printer as a back up but i know that my trusty Ricoh still has plenty of life left and so i'm desperate to find someone who can help me fix this as i have orders to fulfill!!!

Thanks very much

Sorry for the long essay but
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I use the bypass tray on the 3110 and it is a temperamental beast. I use a stapler or other object of similar weight to bump up against the paper so it pushes back the paper so it is nested up against the back so it can be grabbed.

Hope that males sense
Why did you change papers? What is special about the new paper? Name? Is it thicker? Heavy?

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the paper change was to initially testing other brands and the magic touch paper gave slightly better more vivid results and my sales rep has given me better prices so i am saving money too... however i didnt think it would cause an issue with the printer, if thats even what the problem is....

I will try something like that to push the paper back, thanks for the suggestion :)
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