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Ricoh GX7000 Chromablast users - I need a sample print

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I currently have the Ricoh GX7000 with sublijet inks, but I'm tired of the high costs of shirt blanks. I'm thinking about switching over to a GX7000 with Chromablast inks, but I'm trying to decide if the quality will suffice.

I'm looking for someone who currently has the GX7000 with Chromablast inks to print out a couple of 11x17 sheets of a file I send them and mail them to me. I will gladly pay for them. PM me with the cost and what transfer paper you would be printing on.
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I would be happy to print them for you.
Email me the files.
Hi David,

I have been entertaining purchasing the Ricoh GX7000 chromablast system but I to would like to be able to see and touch and apply a transfer to a shirt in my shop. Do you offer transfer samples that i can press and evaluate the quality? It would really be appreciated. Thanks
Yes. Just call ours sales folks at:
800.826.6332 and ask for a sample.
I suggest getting 3.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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