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Ricoh GX e7700n keeps saying it has a misfeed, but it's not jammed

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Yesterday I went to print something and it gave me this message:

Rem msfd: Opn Tp
& LftCv use FWhl

If msfd persists
Rem Trays/Covers

I've opened all the covers, removed the bypass tray, the duplexer and the front paper tray, and there is no paper in it anywhere. I blew out all the insides with compressed air, and reassembled it several times in different orders. Sometimes when I reattach the duplexer the error goes away and it says "Ready" for a few seconds, and I can hear the printhead moving to the left, and when it stops the error comes back. HELP!
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Try cleaning the horizontal encoder strip.

I think it is located under the top cover in back.

Wipe with cloth and denatured alcohol.

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Looks like that did it! Thanks again!
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