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Ricoh dye sub printer problem - motherboard has gone bad

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Took 2 seconds to diagnose (over the telephone) that the motherboard has gone bad in my Ricoh. Apparently this is a "known" problem. Anyone here know about it?
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Did not know about this problem until my motherboard died today. I am a month and half out of warranty and waiting to hear back from Conde. I have only run about 40 sheets through my printer, it is basically brand new. :mad:
Yikes! I'm 6+ months into it - so I'm very concerned that I'll be out of warranty when it happens again. At the rate Sawgrass is moving, I may be out of warranty before I get my replacement printer! Keep us posted on what happens.

Sawgrass told me I'd get my replacement printer in a couple of days. I thought I played it safe by preparing my customers for a weeklong wait. It's been over a week and Sawgrass can't (or won't) even tell me whether one has been shipped. They're somehow trying to blame it on their distributors....? The original person I spoke to at Sawgrass won't contact me at all. Each day this mess gets deeper into my pocketbook (lost sales because I'm turning away jobs until this is fixed, possible lost customers because they are still waiting for a job that has a must-have deadline in 2 days and I still have no printer, and lost money because I have to refill all the dang ink lines again before finishing my jobs....) I have tried to stay nice about the whole thing ... but at this point I have to say: Buyer Beware.
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What does Sawgrass have to do with it? Why didn't you contact Ricoh? Sawgrass manufactures the ink but Ricoh makes the printers. Also, what model number do you have?
What does Sawgrass have to do with it? Why didn't you contact Ricoh? Sawgrass manufactures the ink but Ricoh makes the printers. Also, what model number do you have?
I contacted Conde because that's where I purchased the printer, they have good customer service, and they are knowledgable. Conde explained the problem, told me what solution to expect, and referred me to Sawgrass. I was under the impression that the Ricoh warranty was shot once we put the Sawgrass ink through it....?

I have the 3300. I asked about upgrading to the larger Ricoh, but Sawgrass told me that they have the same problem.

I received my replacement printer yesterday evening. Back to work....
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USing 3rd party inks can not void your warranty.
They can hem and haw and threaten not to honor it but heres the info I was given

The Use of Compatible Supplies Cannot Void Your Manufacturer Warranty

How This Affects You…
The use of our printer cartridges does not void your printer warranty. The manufacturer of the printer you are using cannot void the warranty on your printer because you use a cartridge or refill kit manufactured by someone other than the printer manufacturer. This prohibition includes the use of compatible cartridges and remanufactured cartridges. U.S. law also prohibits the manufacturers of your equipment from requiring the use of OEM ink or toner or charging extra fees if you use products other than OEM products with their equipment. Those requirements and/or fees are inviolation of existing anti-trust acts

Free choice of vendor allows for competition and keeps prices affordable. Your printer manufacturers are aware of lower priced supplies. Threatening to void warranties and add additional service call charges for use of compatible ink or toner are their way of trying to limit competition. Save this information to protect yourself against these illegal actions.

Here’s a portion of the legal statement…

Warranty Improvement Act
United States Code Annotated
Title 15 Commerce and Trade
Chapter 50 Consumer Product Warranties 15 Section 2302
(c) No warrantor of a consumer product may condition his written or implied warranty of such product on the consumer’s using, in connection with such product, any article or service (other than article or service provided without charge under the terms of the warranty) which is identified by brand, trade or corporate name; except that the prohibition of this subsection may be waived by the Commission if:
1. The warrantor satisfies the Commission that the warranted product will function properly only if the article or service
so identified is used in connection with the warranted product, and 2. The Commission finds that such
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Interesting to say the least and one can see both sides of this arguement. I think the key to all this is what a court would define as "compatiable". I do not know the differences between regular Ricoh ink and the ink used for dye sub but if you look at an Epson the issue may be understandable. If you are taking out Epson brand ink and using a third party ink should it void the warranty? Probably not. If you take out the Epson ink and use dye sub ink should it potentially void the warranty - possibly as much of the dye sub ink out there is going to cause additional problems and additonal wear and tear on the printer. Should Epson be forced to come on-site and repair a printer that is being used for something it was designed for - probably not.
From another forum.:

Re: Third party ink voids warranty? NEW [SIMILAR]
JonCone http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/956161711/photos - 2 months ago

I've been developing and selling 3rd party inks since 1993. It is correct that the use of 3rd party inks does not automatically void your warranty here in the USA because of the Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act and the Sherman Anti-Trust Act.
As a result of this protection and because the OEM inks are known to clog printers, the OEM is bound to provide you with repairs under warranty for the same reason - unless they can demonstrate that the use of third-party inks causes new problems that OEM inks do not. With some inks that may be so. For example, a third party ink can have incompatibility with the printer, or may have been formulated for another inkjet technology, or is contaminated, etc.
But, the OEM is not obligated to provide warranty repair and testing with the 3rd party consumable installed, and they normally charge you the cost of a set of Epson inks for the final testing. You should always keep a partially filled set of OEM carts as a courtesy to the OEM as well as the means for them to complete the testing of your printer without charging you for new inks. This avoids ill will on both sides. They do have to provide a finished test, but not so with an ink that they can not guarantee performs to their own. And the consumer feels that they should not have to buy OEM inks for a repair. But, that's the catch-22.
My own company ishttp://www.InkjetMall.com and we have insurance against repairs when the OEM can prove that the use of our products voided the warranty. I believe that that is the least a 3rd party ink company can provide as assurance to its customers.
But it is true that this same warranty protection (first used against the Ford Motor Company) is not the rule of law outside the USA. And that is usually where these arguments stem from.
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Epson's are known for clogging so kinda hard to blame it on a 3rd party ink. My ricoh GX-7000 broke when I used Staples brand 13x19 presentation paper on it. The paper says ALL INKJETS so as a consumer I believe that statement is saying ALL INKJETS and being a inkjet printer should have no issues. Looking at the paper weight it falls with in the specifications that Ricoh says the printer can print. Now I had dye sub inks in it and needed to print a few logos for some shirts and knowing that the 8x11.5 paper worked I need these done ASAP unfortunately the printer since I got the by pass tray has had issues grabbing any paper of any size from it. That day was no different. And after 4 attempts I put in couple more to help it grab it and the stupid thing grabbed all 4 sheets and busted a metal rod.
Now I have issues the way the warranty reads.
Ricoh says from the purchase date. So what is that exactly. ?? The day you order ? They day they ship ? They day you get it ? They day they get the vendor gets their money say in a COD payment, which is how I paid ? I ordered on the 7th, shipped the 9th, I got it the 13th and then they got the cod the 15th. So what day did my warranty start ? Cuz my printer broke on the 7th , one year to the date.
Oh and add to it that I reported it on line at Ricohs site the day of the 7th but didn't call till the following week, The tech considered it out of warranty just from that.
At no time was it inquired on how it broke or what I was doing when it broke.
I was using 3rd party inks, Sawgrass - said by ink company to work in this printer
I was using non ricoh paper but fell within their specs.
I was using the paper in what could probably be considered other use than presentation.
So what.?? I was well within all the specs so as far as I was concerened Ricoh should get their butts out here to fix it. Their biggest issue tho was the dates. I had to get invoices with the serial numbers and sent them tracking info etc to get it under warranty. And they did cover it. Tho not once was the use brought up really.

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Hopefully Ricoh will step up to the plate. Please understand the issue with Epsons clogging is NOT an Epson issue. It is the simple fact that Epson printers were not designed nor intended to use dye sub ink which for the most part are thicker then standard desk top ink whether it be Epsons ink or a third party ink. Epson gets a lot of negativity comments on this forum when ALL of the negativity should be directed at Sawgrass. Artainium ink is garbage and is 100% the problem behind Epsons clogging issues. It is Sawgrass that forces people in the desk top market to suffer with inferior ink and gouging prices. They have another solution, an ink called Sublime, that is much better then Artainium yet they refuse to make it available to desk top users. We have been running J-Tek ink for many months and NEVER had a head clog and in fact never have even ran a head cleaning cycle on our Epson 9800. The best way dye sublimation users can stick it to Sawgrass as Sawgrass has stuck it to this market is to find a better option whenever possible. Money talks.
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Conde tells me to call Sawgrass, Sawgrass tells me to call Ricoh, and Ricoh tells me to call Sawgrass. What a mess. I am a month and half out of warranty and it looks like I am out of luck. Does anyone know if you can replace the motherboard on a Ricoh printer?
Sorry to hear that you getting the run around.
Ricoh will give you a quote on repair it.
I don't see why Sawgrass would be involved in a motherboard issue tho. Unless ink leaked onto it.

Good luck
Ricoh will not even talk to me, they tell me to call Sawgrass. As for ink leaking no, in fact the printer has only about 35 pages run though it. Also, I was told Ricoh does not fix them they just toss them and send a replacement. I hope this is not true.
They fixed mine.

Really? Were you out of warranty? Who did you ship it too and what was wrong with your printer?
Also, what number did you call and who did you talk to?
Sorry you're getting the runaround. Sawgrass replaced my printer, so there was no need for me go contact Ricoh - I only had to prove purchase date in order to establish that it was still under warranty. Sawgrass mentioned that they have folks trying to figure out whether this is an ink issue.
Also, what number did you call and who did you talk to?
I filled out the support request off their site.
Conde gave me this number 800-742-6438

ON one of my post in this discussion I wrote about what happened and all. It has all my info on what happned and stuff.

I didn't ship it they came out and fixed it. Took about 2 weeks. Part was not in stock.

I contacted Ricoh to see what they would say. They told me if its under warranty call sawgrass. Otherwise its cheaper to replace than repair...
I still don't get the sawgrass thing ? THey say why call a ink company ?

Sawgrass has an agreement with Ricoh to cover all warranty issues with dye sub ink printers.
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