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Anybody on here familiar (on the technical level) with the screen master series from Richmond graphics? They're out of business now and I've got a technical questions that I'm sure has a pretty simple answer for the right person.

In a nutshell: The lamp is not activated by pressing start on the integrator. However, if I turn the light on by using the integrator bypass switch and press start on the integrator it will count down appropriately but will not shut the light off.
Seems to me that there's a relay that has burned out… I'm just not too sure which one. Seeing as how it mostly works right now, I am hesitant to start messing around with it blindly as I would hate to go from "mostly working" to not working at all.

For the record, This unit is new to me and was acquired in a package deal. If the lamp is not normally triggered by starting the integrator, then that would be nifty information.

Any experiential feedback would be helpful.

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