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rhinestone transfer tape

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I am just starting to do rhinestone designs and purchased some mylar rhinestone transfer tape. I am having a hard time using this particular transfer tape and need advice on a tape that is easier to use. My problem with the mylar tape is when I get the tape near the rhinestones it is almost like electricity sucks the rhinestones onto the tape and I have had to redo many of my templates due to messing them up when trying to transfer to tape. Hope this makes sense. What tape would you recommend that is user friendly for a beginner. Thank you.
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The problem is static. Try rubbing a dryer sheet on the clear side before pealing it from the backer.
I peel and then spray lightly with aerosol static remover.

Lay a sheet of anti-static dryer sheet on you leg. Hold the tape at each end and drag across the sheet. Static is gone. Works every time.
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