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Rhinestone Template circles look like Ovals, not cutting proper

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I am using a graphtec craft pro and all of a sudden the circles are not cutting through. It worked just the other day ago and the settings have not changed. Today they look like ovals. Anyone ever have this problem?
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First check your design and make sure that the circle, is a circle, next i would make sure that your blade is good, and that your offset is set properly, speed ,force etc. all has to be in order. What kind of material are you using?Material is tracking properly also.
Hope some of this helps.
Thank you for your help. Yes, the circles are valid and I cut the same template just the other day with perfect circles. The blade is good. I am using graphtec stencil material.. Very strange.
What kind of machine are you using? Maybe others will chime in.
Adjust your blade,, take it out and put it beside your material.. it could have slipped a little
I've had a similar problem in the past and it was the blade holder loose in the carrage
I would try and cut some regular vinyl and see if the circles cut right...
I would say your problem is more than likely with your blade.. Either blunt or not positioned properly.
Did you figure out the problem? I had that from time to time with my 5000. I eventually bought a better blade holder.
Yes, the blade holder was loose..Thank you so much for those who responding!!! Once I tighten it I had perfect circles. :)
I have a similar problem with some circles cutting correctly while other are oval and still other that do not even close. I cutting the green rubber material for rhinestones.

I think I have covered all of the above suggestions.

See the attached image



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Check the blade is not moving in the holder and also check the material is not slipping in the pinch rollers of the cutter. Also check the inside of the holder has no dirt which is causing the blade to stick and not rotate freely
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