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rhinestone "sticky flock" cutter and software the allows pics/images to be converted into a rhinestone template.

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I'm new to the rhinestone t-shirt business and I'm starting off with purchasing pre-cut templates. But I want to be able to cut my own templates. I was referred the GCC Expert 24 Cutter. Now I'm in need of direction for software that will convert pics/images into rhinestone templates... HELP....:eek:
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I have this cutter, and I use Winpcsign Pro 2012, Das and corel with this cutter,
I only personally know of two that can do this...one is WinPCSign Pro...relatively inexpensive...around a bit under $300... there are some youtube videos showing this...the other is SmartCut Pro from Digital Arts Solutions and that is pricey...Not sure what they price is now. It is a very good program with extensive capabilities....but if you are watching your budget in getting started...not sure it is for you. I am sure the software is well over $1k
There is another program Oobling Pro (yep...two 'o's ) that is around $700 or so that might do this...don't know.
I know that both Oobling and WinPCSign have members here who are distributors

Welcome to the club...enjoy!
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I watched a youTube video of WINPCSIGN Pro. It seemed a lil difficult to follow, was that the case with you? However, that is the one that I was thinking of though! How does that work with scanning a pic/image then converting it?
Thx. You are right, and because I'm just getting started I am watching my budget. I want to be able to serve my customer's in any way.. I just want to be ready, but I understand I'm just getting started, so I have to take my time.
I appreciate it, thx again.
Be aware that none of the software will always produce an absolutely perfect conversion. You will probably have to tweak a bit. Are you familiar with programs such as Corel or AI? Do you have a basic understanding of graphics programs and vector images? Start easy and build up from there. Good luck and have fun. If the budget is tight and you have Corel, check out the rstone macro.
I've heard of Corel, but not AI. And no, I don't have any understanding of any grahic programs neither vector images. I just know what I want to be able to do.. I haven't purchased the cutter yet.. I kinda wanted to do some research before I did..
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