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We have been using this machine for two years and it is perfection! You can really replicate images in rhinestones with much precision using many colors and crystal sizes. The machine works extremely fast so turn around it great! (Before the machine we were placing crystals by hand- so of course turn around became MUCH more efficient after we began using the machine.- What would normally take a team of three ladies 8 hours to create can now be created in 30 minutes or so!) The software that works with the machine is pretty good. We have seen other proprietary rhinestone placement software that requires less effort regarding rhinestone placement... But the expense of the latter and the rhinestone setting machine that works with that software is not worth it. The CAMS is the way to go!

We purchased from SWF West after seeing the machine at a show in Las Vegas. Here is a link to the machine CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Setting Machine They now have an east coast office located in FL. Look at their tradeshow schedule and go see the machine run in person.

Attached is a detailed logo replication in rhinestones as shown within the software that works with the CAMS. You can expect crystal placement to be exactly as shown (may have to flip a crystal or two here or there but other than that, PERFECT!)


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