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Rhinestone Design Sharing

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Hey All,

Just wanted to mention a new site that allows people to share their rhinestone files. This could be useful to a lot of us and I thought it was a good idea. It is not my site so, I am hoping that I am not violating any rules here? If so, let me know!
I have not posted any designs there as of yet but will soon.
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This guy may be a forum member? I see he linked to several member sites. I guess it will be a cool site for some but with so many people selling rhinestones, I want to offer my clients something different, not something that anyone can get. I try to push the envelope when I do rhinestones. But it may be a great tool for some. Also I see he does not have many files so it must be something he just started.
This will be helpful for me. I don't have software yet but I could use the designs to "play". Just to see what the process is like.
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Yes hes a forum member.I just signed up to his site.It could be helpfull.I see he doesnt have any knk files,I might be able to help with that.I think its a good idea and wish him luck.Im going to ask him if I can put a link to my site on there too!
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That's a great idea Eric, and yes, I think it will be helpful to many also.
This seems to be a very well made website and the idea is a generous one, to exchange some designs. It would be nice to use the website's designs' ratings feature to know the quality of the designs as they are used by others
seems like a cool idea I would also like to add a link to my site there????
mabey he should only allow links from people who donate designs.:rolleyes:
mabey he should only allow links from people who donate designs.:rolleyes:
If that were the policy, I would be first in line to donate my designs!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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