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You might want to make the alt text shirt-specific instead of just keywords, but I don't really know enough about SEO to say for sure.
Twinge, you are right that having alt text that actually has the name of the shirt looks better, but I am trying to optimize my site very specifically for three key word phrases, so I am going to try it this way for a while.

Nice sight. Clean as a whistle. There is a lot to be said for having all of your designs accessable in one continues scroll. I really appreciate apparel sights that have that option. Couple suggestions. One, maybe give more of a description of your t shirts in the FAQ, such as the weight, stitching, and printing method. Second, add a page "about us", that gives the shopper a little comic relief, or something about yourself, etc. The sight is tight though, and its how I'd design a page myself, basic, straight forward, and easy to navigate.
Good suggestions. Thank You.

Looks good, very straightforward. That is the kind of site I need to build.

Where do you get your baby doll shirts? I see S&S has them by Anvil but not in XL.
Thanks! I get my blank t-shirts from Bodek & Rhodes.

I am looking to do a sight myself...can you put me in contact with your web guy? And where do you get the templates for the shirts?...can't find them anywhere. I have noticed that they have them at fullfilment sights but I am a screen printer and will be printing them myself.
Hey Buddha,
Welcome to the Forum!...

And thanks for compliments.
I designed the website my self. It would be very unlikely that you have seen any of these exact designs before since I designed all of them myself in illustrator. ;)

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Twinge is right, I am looking for the shirt templates.
I the shirt pictures on google images and photshopped them alot to make them look how I wanted.

Nice website. Are your designs really copyrighted? Whats company hosts your site?
my designs are not officially copyrighted, but you do not need to to claim copyright. Read http://www.copyright.gov/circs/circ1.html .

As far as the web hosting, I bought it from http://www.intelnetics.com/ebay.htm . I have only been on this host for two days so I cant recommend them or not. Im a bit weary right now about host's too, since four days ago my host dropped of the face of the earth and dissapeared leaving my companies down for two days. So far though with this new host it has been good.

Your designs are excellent. As for the web design, the site was quick to load and simple. I like that.
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