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Review my brochure and order form please

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I made a brochure (through SanMar's Design Center) and an order form for my pool's swim season.

Take a look and see what you think. Any changes or suggestions?




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Hi Joe, I have seen your brochure and order form. I think all is OK, but one thing you have to mention in your order form is your contact details.
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Good catch. My family belongs to the pool and my boys are on the team so we are up there a LOT. I did the tees last year so most people know who I am.

I will be bringing business cards with me. Plus, the web site is on the order form.

Even so, I agree that I should have included my contact info. Thanks.
Looks nice, nice format. On page 2 of the brochure, the word "compliment" is mis-spelled (the first "e" should be an "i"). Also, if you collect sales tax, you might want to add a line for sales tax to your order form.
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