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reverse grayscale

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I am wanting to print a grayscale image on a black shirt. Therefore I need the image reversed. The black of the grayscale needs to be white so the shirt shows through and the white needs to be black so when I print transfer to burn the white area will burn. plus I need to shading to be done in reverse pattern.

Can someone explain please.
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What graphics program you using. You caN simply hit Ctrl I in Photoshop with ok results from there you can use exposure, curve or any of the other tools in image--- adjustments to get the desired product.
I find that a straight inversion comes out too bright and needs toning down with the curves.
You need to select your white with the colour range tool, save it as a new channel, make that channel a spot channel and assign a colour to your channel, then print.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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