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there is this retail store that needs aisle numbers the thing is that its an aircraft wire with a loop at the end thats it. only one loop only one end per aisle.they hang from 60 feet high ceiling(the aircraft cable with the loop). it also hangs in the center of the aisle towards the end of each isle. what they have there now (for the numbers)is basicaly 3 sheets with the numbers facing out then a plastic triangle holding the 3 sheets in place and the center of the triangle is a hook so it balances on the aircraft wire loop. so some have broken others are missing the sheets so theyr unbalanced and they asked me if i can find a new aisle number system that will work. any ideas? sorry if im not explaining it well......i know most stores have the aisle number on the front of the aisle on the aisles front end cap but this ones different. thanks in advance since i wrote alot to read.:D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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