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Retail pricing of tshirts, white vs. color, xxl price

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I am wondering if someone with a retail experience can help answer this pricing question. If I have a white shirt and a black shirt, both with the same design, do you retail them for the same price or add a dollar or two to offset the additional cost for the black tee. Also, do you change the retail pricing for xxl and larger tees? thanks
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I thinks it's better to average everything out and charge just 1 price, regardless of color or size. Otherwise:

1. It can cause buyer confusion and buyer confusion = less sales.

2. Many shopping carts can't handle variable pricing.
Thanks, That is what I thought, but wanted to get opinions.
I wouldn't charge extra for black T-shirts, but many people are used to paying extra for 2X+ sizes so I don't think there's a problem with charging extra for them. I simplify mine by making all the plus sizes the same price, and all the regular (S-XL) sizes the same price.
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