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Restarting T Shirt business

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I have been reading the threads and decided to not go The DTG and keep doing heat transfer. The question is OKI 711wt not. I was using a Epson printer that just stop print cayenne. So if anyone has some advice it would greatly appreciated.
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Epsons are cheap and disposable compared to an Oki WT.

What is your business model? Selling your own designs; Low-volume custom novelty/event shirts; Business/work shirts?

For darks, I don't think any computer transfers are durable enough for frequently worn and washed work shirts. I hear that with the right RIP one can get a semi-decent hand with the lasers (by essentially punching it full of small holes). So for handfeel laser wins, at the moment, over inkjet for darks--though the investment is much higher.

Either way, durability is lacking compared to other methods, but that does not matter for all markets/uses. If a somewhat improved handfeel would matter for your market, then laser may be worth the investment. If not, inkjets are cheaper and the process is less "fiddly". But then no-weed laser eliminates the need for a cutter and messing about with that ... but if your art is mostly simple, solid shapes, then weeding isn't a problem anyway.

Clear as mud? ;-)

For darks there isn't yet a truly killer process--may never be. That weedless inkjet system Conde was talking about last year sounded promising ... but doesn't seem to be here quite yet ... and would probably come with its own issues, as upon closer inspection all unicorns seem to turn out to be donkeys with a dildo duct taped to the foreheads :-/
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that is some vivid imagery

i may have nightmares tonight

edit: if you head over to the heat transfer sub-section and search you can find Lnfortun's diy rip for photoshop
(transferable process to gimp if you don't have photoshop)

i found it for you here

pick up some light/dark laser papers, use the above technique, take to staples/office depot and get them printed
take home and press, see how they turn out/wash/colors/etc.
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