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Resetting protection counter for c88

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This is my second epson... i really hate these things..

I need to reset the protection counter for it, because I have the two red lights on the top alternatingly blinking... I read online and it said I have to reset the protection counter because supposedly too much is in the sponge on the bottom.... I checked it out, and its only 16842/46000.... I don't know why its giving me problems.

I went to reset the protection counter w/ the ssc utility program and it isn't working.

Does anyone know how I can fix this, I have a lot of orders to fill and I don't wanna go and buy another printer... I don't think i'm going to get epson again... even though the printout is great, there are too many problems. I've had a hp psc 750 forever and i never have problems w/ it. The only reason I got the epson is because the inks were supposed to be better and I could find a cis for it.

Also guys, what printer should I get?? other than an epson... Everyone says to get the c88 but what else is good... Thanks for the insight guys.. ( i know I wrote a lot)
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