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I am in the process of doing my due diligence and putting together a plan through a lot of research. I have an acquaintance who started a line and I am attempting to use them as a resource as much as possible. In talks with them, they mentioned that they are manufacturing overseas. Besides the obvious benefits (monetary), what are the pros and cons of this? Also, what are the pros and cons of doing everything domestic? I am just trying to get a grasp on how exactly a small business in this industry works. I appreciate your input.
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Overseas manufacture
Pros: Cost.
Cons: Unanticipated costs (e.g. extra customs duties you didn't know about), quality control, quality, turnaround times, flexibility, communication (language barrier), ethical dilemmas (if applicable), minimum order quantities, lack of legal recourse, outright fraud (often that falls under quality control), etc.

Domestic manufacture
More or less the inverse of the above, though obviously you can still have issues with quality control, turnarounds, inflexibility, communication, etc.
Any of you professionals out there have a preference? Or past experiences with both? Thanks again.
If your a start up brand, start domestically. To really get your bang for your buck from manufacturing overseas you need to place orders in the thousands.

You can achieve the same product through printing on blanks domestically or through local cut and sew. Your over all cost per piece shouldn't be through the roof either.
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I appreciate it...I have a concept that I believe will sell itself and it is has been a lot of fun so far just doing the research. Im sure I will be back with more questions
I have a concept that I believe will sell itself
I think research will show you that this rarely is the case. Not saying it can't happen, but let it be a pleasant surprise rather than an expectation. Marketing and sales are just so important to success. Don't fall into the trap of thinking the concept or design means everything.
That sort of came out wrong...I am a business man and not a designer nor necessarily a creative. However... between the target market and the unique/stylish phrases we have developed so far...we know exactly what group we are going after. Which I believe will help immensely.
I agree with Tim's viewpoint, is a good suggestion at least to me.

Whatever manufacture in dometic or outsource from overseas, saving cost+get the right thing is important than anything else, based on it to do research will make sense.

Good luck.

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